Hello ,
Welcome to my space ! I am a Christian , wife to my bff for 24 years , mom of 8 whom I homeschool only 5 are now graduated leaving only 3 left to school . I am a lover of coffee, fashion, fitness, faith, friendship, food, jewelry, reading a good book, spending time outdoors, and first and foremost a lover of Jesus.
God has given me an insatiable desire for Women to be healthy both physically , mentally and spiritually . Recognizing God has blessed each of us with this ONE body and how we ought to therefore take care of it in the best way we can . I am also very passionate about walking by faith and not by sight.
I have been involved in my home church for 16 years serving in many different ministries from children's ministry to bible study to women's ministry and even on staff for a season. I pray this page encourages and uplifts you as well as brings you the comfort only God's word can provide. This is a place where wholesome chats go back and forth what it is NOT is a place of debates and judgments!! We will talk about many things listed above as well as items sold and giveaways from time to time. 
I pray you find a little bit of hope, joy and encouragement when you stop by this tiny space on the web.
In Him,
Cindy Bolt

**Disclaimer Anyone rude and judgmental your comments will be blocked.**