13 Mar

Friend's how is the atmosphere of your home?? 

Have you ever heard the phrase, "A mom has the power to set the tone of her household for the whole rest of the day?? 

Y'all it is so true good or bad we set the tone of our households daily. I have had great days where I get up on time and ease into my morning before the whole house wakes up. I get in my word and I have my coffee and am refreshed to greet household as they begin to wake up. And then I have other days where I wake up late or moody and I skip the word or try to sit down to Word and coffee as the kids and hubby are up and all the distractions and my mood gets worse and worse and I then begin snapping at husband and kids putting them on the defense and making them moody now as well. 

I have realized over the years when I wake up and am right with God and have spent adequate time with Him in His Word and prayer it sets me up for a better start to my mornings and makes my mood much better than when I do not do this. 

Do you find yourself struggling in the mornings and everyone is grumpy and moody??

Sister's lets do our very best to change the atmosphere within the four walls of our homes. Below are some ideas in doing just that:

*Be in the Word of God daily before your day starts. Now I have heard a lot of opinions on when we should be in word and pray and many say, "it's just to hard first thing so it's ok anytime," I am actually going against the grain and highly DISAGREEING with that!! Anytime is NOT OK and here is why God requires us to give Him our first our very best and we are more attentive in the mornings and that IS OUR FIRST (with our time that is). Also it sets our hearts right first thing in the morning before the day gets away from us.  Now before y'all come at me with your why's I hear you that every season is different but we adjust to those seasons not put aside our relationship with God because it's just to hard of a season because you will find many if not most seasons are gonna be hard y'all and we need to make our time with God first I promise your days will be a little easier when you do this. 

For those with young babies try this instead of sitting down to open bible and write listen to the bible app. as you nurse a baby or do dishes or clean the house there are many ways to get the word in first thing even ALL day. NO EXCUSES 

*Intentionally teach and model for those in your homes good character qualities like kindness, humility, love, gentleness and so on. 

*SMILE often and let's fill our homes with Fun and laughter things like art, music and literature. 

*Discourage things like Arguing and complaining and especially GOSSIP. 

"A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger"  Prov. 15:1

"Do EVERYTHING without complaining and arguing." Phil. 2:14

"do not associate with a gossip" Prov.20:19

There are MANY more scriptures especially on GOSSIP!!!!

*Keep a schedule (not strict) and prioritize SPENDING TIME together AS A FAMILY.

*Learn to love one another and WELL. what do I mean by well is this it's NOT enough to just say I love you it must be followed by appropriate actions and not everyone needs love in the same way we ALL have different LOVE LANGUAGES if your not sure what that is or never heard of that before a great resource is the book "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman this book changed my families lives and my marriage. 

*Don't allow the hardships of this life to strain and discourage your conversations and connection with family and others. 

We have  big responsibilities in the homes as a wife and mom and the only way to fill that tall order is to first fill our own cups spiritually with time in the Word and Prayer with our Father.

Let's make our homes the type of homes that when ANYONE comes in they can feel the love and spirit of GOD !!!

Until Next Time,

Glory be to God,

Cindy Bolt 

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