10 Feb

As I promised I am sharing OUR story today.

Let me take you back to my husband and him being off to the point where he was literally going mad and we almost didn't make it now I would have never guessed he was having imbalances of his own. 

For him it all started in 2016 slowly becoming more and more off with focus and moody out bursts and when I say out bursts I mean just that and some of them got pretty severe. His patience was slim to none, he would get rageful out of no where and embarrassing the kids and I in public it got so out of hand I thought something major was going on to the point of we finally had to seek therapy. 

Fast forward to 2021 (yes almost 5 years later) and we checked his levels and found both low in T and many supplements and key minerals our bodies desperately need.  Lack of sleep and Major lack of Vitamin D which can cause major issues in and of itself.

So once we get him good in the latter part of 2021 I began having my own issues which I would of never thought were my issues because last time I was tested in 2015 I was told I had the insides of a 22 year old at 42 and could probably keep having babies. So I was baffled at my symptoms. 

I was however experiencing irregular periods, a change in periods, moody rages of my own, severe depression and anxiety that I have not experienced in 20 plus years, loss of more hair (the c-vid virus played huge roll) hot flashes that were and are NO JOKE. And mood changes that were so severe y'all I literally thought I was losing my mind, and weight gain like never before even while eating clean, working out, and doing all the things that were working for 10 plus years were now no longer working at all. 

This brings me to the beginning of January 2022 I had not had a period in 3 months but again I thought ok well things have been weird so I decided to take a pregnancy test and was indeed 12 weeks pregnant at 48 years old. (I know YIKES)

However 3 days later I mis-carried and the rest of 2022 was very emotionally hard. I decided with the help of my doctor/midwife to test for all kinds of things and sure enough due to all my Stress and major life stresses between 2020 and the Move 1800 miles away and so much in between I was low in D vitamin Thyroid out of  it, adrenal stress and T low and estrogen low as well as Progesterone.  

Now in the in between before I knew all this I had been desperate and googled all the symptoms and tried to get myself on my own healing path FRIENDS PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT!!! You see by me trying this and that supplement I only made things worse and some of those supplements on the market right now are a complete JOKE.  Also for me I need an exact combo in order to HELP me with my numbers and for my exact needs. 

So some things I have learned-

1. It's not normal and we do not have to deal with it as "a part of getting older:" that's a huge load of crap.  

2. TESTING right at the signs of something being off is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE.

3. We can't just take a supplement and hope for the best. 

4. Things like nutrition, SLEEP, and exercise are KEY to STAYING BALANCED.

5. Exercise is important however ladies something I have learned this last year is my same workout routine that I was use to and hard hitting CARDIO was no longer serving my changing body. As our bodies change as for ALL ages we need to work out according to our CYCLES so doing Cycle Syncing Workouts (more to come on this friend's). 

6. Talk about what your going through with other gal pals and let's help one another. 

One thing I do want to make crystal clear is we MUST STOP age shaming, judging, normalizing someone's feelings of concern, and telling others they are not praying enough you cannot pray for your body to balance itself out LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN no scripture or prayer is going to balance a woman out she NEEDS REAL HELP TO GET REAL RESULTS. 

Now don't get me wrong I am so grateful to the few sisters who saw me through this time without judgement and harsh suggestions and did in fact pray however prayer is not what will heal the women and their hormonal imbalances which can become very serious I am sure that these changes play one of the  huge parts in divorces we see in people in the 40's and 50's especially when both parties feel like their going mad from the inside out. 

Moral of the story  IS Praise God for the most part we are both on the other side of this feeling more normal and like ourselves with each passing day but let me tell you it got scary for a bit. 

If you are feeling weird and off get checked don't wait and please do not listen to those with poor advise saying , "welcome to getting older" it doesn't have to be this way at all.  And another huge fact when our hormones our imbalanced which happens by the way at ANY AGE (20-50ish) and for many reasons so it is NOT JUST AGE OR JUST A PERI- MENOPAUSAL ISSUE. It can come on at anytime and for many reasons. So please get levels checked once a year in my humble opinion. 

I am going to be sharing what has helped us what testing we did and through who. What products to steer clear of and what is in fact helpful.

I will also be sharing a PDF for Cycle Syncing so you can start working out accordingly. 

Ladies let's NORMALIZE HELPING each other during these times not hindering and adding more to those struggling.  

Until Next Time,

Glory Be To God,

 Cindy Bolt 

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