27 Apr

In today's fast pace digital world REAL friendship is harder and harder to find and far to often we are dismissive of these relationships the minute a problem arises that's not friendships and we MUST find real friendship because it's needed and very necessary in the world we live in today furthermore God never intended for any of us to be alone. 

Friendship is a GIFT, and if we want to have friends we must show ourselves (through the Word) how to be good friends and it's not just waving Hi to everyone or having a couple of gatherings in your home a couple times a year it's more than going to church and saying hi to them on a Sunday morning . Friendship is covering others weaknesses and speaking to their STRENGTHS . It's PRAYING on our knees for REAL it's allowing our friends to be in the seasons their in without trying to keep them in that place but giving them the space to figure it out with God and offering prayer and help when needed. It's about doing the hard parts of life with them outside the four walls of our churches. 

Real friendship is sacrifice, it's not self-centered, it's going the extra mile, it's encouragement, it's LOVE, it's helping one another to grow in our faith and sometimes it's confronting the hard in loving ways to help restore our friends. 

Friendship is a gift and if your blessed to have found it work on it because it takes work and EFFORT on BOTH sides. You won't regret it I promise. 

If you have these friendships go tell them you love them today and ask them how you can lift them up in prayer to our Father and then really do so. 



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