01 Feb

These last few years have been very telling on the reality of where the state of the church is today and how far away it is from where it was and where it should be. 

One of the most IMPORTANT of MANY lessons I learned is the church is NOT my life.  Jesus is to be my life and then my first ministry is to my marriage and to my children as a mom !!! EVERYTHING is to be after that and not at the expense of those things either. 

I think today the church is run more like a business and not a hospital for the saints in which it should be. The gospel needs to be the forefront of all churches . Not events, not this or that program , not how good or bad the worship team is or if we have coffee shops and library's. 

".......the gospel .......

...of first importance....."

"If there's anything in life that we should be passionate about, (it's not Ministry) it's the gospel. And I don't mean passionate only about sharing it with others. I mean passionate about thinking about it, dwelling on it, rejoicing in it, allowing it to color the way we look at the world. Only ONE thing can be of first IMPORTANCE to each of us. And only the GOSPEL ought to be." 

Sad reality is this is not the case for 95% of professing "Christians"  and that is not a harsh judgement either it's apparent with the state of 95% of churches. 

So all that to say my husband and I have been on a journey to find a "CHURCH" that fully aligns with GOD and the truth of the Word and what exactly the WORD says the church is to be and friends I am here to say they are FAR and few in between and for that matter diamonds in the rough to be exact. We have gone to many and tried at a few and the problems were actually huge not minor but major and in the day's and times we are in and going to continue to be in we will NOT turn a blind eye anymore. 

For the next five months we are here we will continue to Study God's word in depth and grave detail as well as tune in to our Previous Church in Las Vegas via the internet weekly and for now fellowship with those we know outside of the 4 walls of church. 

Friend's we are living in grave times, times in which we cannot play games anymore. We can't go to churches one day a week and starve our souls the rest of the week. Our relationship is NOT the Churches responsibility it is our responsibility and it matters Monday to Sunday the REAL LIFE that's what God is gonna JUDGE US ON not what great "MINISTRTY TITLES" we held or which mega church we sing for or attend or what great events we continually attend. 

If I can share one IMPORTANT thing with my younger self or anyone now it is this, Read your own Bible MORE Monday to Sunday tend more to your OWN MINISTRY (THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE) AS A WIFE AND MOTHER Spend less time serving others and more time serving your own household  FIRST (THEN OTHERS) because over the years this is where I have seen the most toxic of things happening many women forsaking home life to be a "somebody" in the church and as a result many marriages in the churches are ending in divorce as well as many children growing up with little to no faith.

 THIS is because we are walking out of the divine order of GOD HIMSELF which is our own walk with God ,our marriage ministry and if blessed to be parents our ministry of motherhood and folks that doesn't leave a lot of time for all the crazy amounts of extra curricular we are tricked into believing we must be doing.  Many would say over the years, "you do so much, I wish I could do half of what you do, and how do you do it all "? 

Guess what...... the TRUTH is, the AUTHENTIC REALITY, I was NOT DOING IT ALL my marriage suffered for years and some of my relationships with my children will be forever damaged because of those years I PRETENDED to do it all. Friend please read your bible and get a clear picture of what we as women are REALLY CALLED TO BE DOING PLEASE !!!

That's all for now please come back we will be sharing all kinds of life stuff here in this space. 

To God Be The Glory,

Cindy Bolt 

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