08 Feb

We all have heard of oh it's his/her raging hormones when it comes to our tweens and teens but we never really talk about how it is just as severe when we become older and how it can really take a person out. 

Over my years I have often heard others joking saying things like; "she is a raging Bi--- or she is just in menopause or ignore her moody outbursts" y'all let me just tell you what I have found out. 

First- of all let me start by de-bunking what every older lady in the past has ever told me and even what some western doctors tell us women that "oh it's normal honey, or get use to it , or welcome to aging, or here is the "PILL" !!! ALL of that is 100% WRONG.

First of all it is very much not normal it actually is a sign of our hormones being out of balance, stress or low levels of one or more important hormone yes because of age HOWEVER it's NOT NORMAL and we don't just take a "pill" to make it better that puts a band-aid on the real issues going on in the inside also may cause cancer as well. 

Second- we absolutely cannot just get use to it or ride it out or we may go insane because these symptoms can last anywhere from 5-10 plus years. 

Third-  It actually effects both male and female in different ways. 

There is actually a lot we can do.  I am going to share my story and my husbands story this Friday stay tuned and come back to read you REALLY WON'T WANT TO MISS IT.  

Until Next Time,

 Glory Be To God,

Cindy Bolt 

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