05 Sep

As Most of You Know at the end of Jan.2021 my family was ALL sick with the Rona Bug for about 14-21 days. I already made a blog post giving details to what we did and how we got through it you can find in archive posts.  

This post is to share the updated version of our experience as well as some long term symptoms we are all still dealing with. 

All of us have regained smell and taste however my son (23) says certain foods still no longer taste good at all. We all still get very easily fatigued and have headaches, brain fog, all of us have hair loss two of us more severe than others me being one of those more severe cases. A couple of us also still get chest pains and have trouble taking deep breaths comes and goes we are almost to year mark in few months and still have long term things happening.

That is a reason I am sharing the supplements we take are not one and done the protocol needs to stay in place well after the virus has gone bye bye. 

I take this everyday once a day - 2 drops each in a veggie Capsule 

Also Vitamin C and D3 plus a Liquid Zinc and Liquid Silver 

As well as the above- Glutathione /Quercetin/ Selenium the Turmeric I take because of Inflammation due to autoimmune issues. 

I also take a big amount of other things to recover from mold poison and some hormone issues as well as some supplements to help with hair regrowth. 

Sleep is crucial friends to heal and regrow cells please get at least 8 hours.

Sugar intake needs to be minimal and while infected with the rona NO SUGAR at all. 

I also am really seeing a change using this Shampoo and Matching Conditioner as well. I am also using a strong  Grass Fed Collagen and A Fiber Powder right now it's a lot but I am feeling so much better already. Just know we are all different and our path back to health will also look a little different so please follow your own plan Just know it's not take a bunch of supplements and be done when bug passes that's why a lot of us were really sick to begin with so many are very deficient in many vitamins and minerals and nutrition. I will answer more detailed person questions via email and or text. 

Have A Great Week,


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