14 Jan

These past 14 days have been nothing short of a disappointment. We as a family have fought emotions and being very upset for testing positive for Covid-19. Our experience is unique as I hear most that get this virus are, it is different for all. We were exposed by someone our son works with on Tuesday December 29th 2020 he did not know he was positive until after the fact even though his wife was home ill with a positive test result. ugh

Our Symptoms-  I started feeling symptoms Thursday New Years Eve I felt extreme exhaustion and body aches that was until Jan 2nd where I got every symptom fever, body aches, congestion, chills , sore throat and Noah was same as me but worse with cough. Our other sons and Greg also got it about Jan. 4th by the 7th my girls got it too. Now for Abby our 5 year old she had a very very high fever like 104 for 48 hours and a little stuffy and body aches and is fine after that our other daughter 15 is the least affected thank God but still with fever for a day and cough sore throat loss of appetite and sinus congestion. Greg had it the worst fever for 6 days straight throwing up and cough chills body aches felt like death really. We seem to be on the mend day 14 but we are still taking it easy because sometimes this stuff likes to pretend to go away and then BAM it gets you.  Also only Noah and I lost our taste and smell and we could smell some things but not most things it was weirdest experience ever. 

Has My Perspective Changed-

As far as it not being that bad yes it has this is NOT let me repeat not like the FLU we will not be saying that ever again. It's way worse than flu and it is even worse than flu on steroids. However is it worth shutting world down NOPE is it worth getting a Shot NOPE HELL NO but please do not take lightly and let me just say if you "THINK" you have had it trust me you have NOT cause you WILL KNOW that you KNOW you have it.  Also my thoughts on masks THEY DON'T WORK Our son was wearing one whole time he was around the positive person who was also himself wearing a mask and he still caught it and brought it home to family.  Also it is very contagious there was no isolating him we knew we were all exposed and gonna test positive. 

Why Did We Test-

My boys had no choice for work it is required so that is why we tested. 

Our Supplement Routine- 

Protocol with symptoms- 

*Zinc 100mg- 150mg per day

*Vitamin D3- 10,000-20,000 per day

*Vitamin C - dose to bowel tolerance (we did alot)

*Probiotic- min 20 billion per day

* Nebulizer - 3-5 min every hour until symptoms Gone 

we also took oregano and  diffused a crap ton of oils as well as Mucinex DM 

We only do that for 7 days and then go back to preventive schedule - 

Stay Healthy and Please take precautions this stuff is bad for those older and with underlying issues. 



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