06 Jul

"New norm or get back to normal," I hear this often these days and it made me think long and hard, what is normal was the way we were living normal ? I kinda don't think it is or was and for me I have zero desire to ever GO BACK to "normal" whatever that was. 

The last year in a half to two years have been healing, emotional, fun, difficult, long, full of both joy and disappointment but mostly just good. 

The pandemic taught me that I do have a regret . I regret life being lived in a state of hurry. Something amazing I have learned is to live a life re-organized  into 3 very important Practices-




Some of this in practical ways looks as follows- simplify your time, schedule, belongings everything for that matter. Simplifying my life around Jesus what does that look like? Time with Him and folks church doesn't count it's ALL the in between. To live out the 9 Fruits of the spirit DAILY not when others are watching. It's with the husband and the kids and strangers the neighbors etc. It's taking a SABBATH and not just using that word but REALLY TAKING A SABBATH. 

Abiding what does this mean -

“1. to remain; continue; stay: Abide with me.
2.to have one’s abode; dwell; reside: to abide in a small Scottish village.
3.to continue in a particular condition, attitude, relationship, etc.; 

last~dictionary.com So to tie this to abiding in His love, we can take this to mean three things:

1. Remain in His love, continue in His love

2. Reside in His love

3. To continue in the particular condition, attitude, relationship of His love.

I think the last one makes the most sense.

My family has learned in the time off the time of SLOW to live life to it's fullest each day and to not wish our lives away. Wishing it was tomorrow or 5 years from now or a different time, place or space. We are learning to do as God says NOT MAN we are learning to follow God's plans for our lives NOT MAN'S we are serving GOD not man. Yes friends we serve "others" as God allows and provides not out of a duty for those watching. We have all learned boundaries are both healthy needed and perfectly ok to have. We have learned healing and therapy is completely a MUST. One of the biggest lessons learned, it's VERY IMPORTANT who we allow in our time and space the ones we "call friends" God doesn't suggest we choose our friends wisely just for fun He too knows how very important it is. 

Hurry is NOT in God's vocabulary in fact He could of made the world in a moment and yet He took 6 days and on the 7th He RESTED took a SABBATH. We are to live as Christ Did so if He didn't live a life of hurry why do we ?? Well it's the way of the world and friends remember the Lord calls us to not be of this world yes apart yet set apart. I think we get lost and forget this TRUTH. 

I encourage you friends to simplify your life . One might ask how or where do we start? Well let me share first get out your calendar and ask yourself the things that fill the spaces are they important and than how important are they for Kingdom purposes or is it  just a bunch of stuff to fill the calendar and to avoid real life ......mmmmm ouch!!! Ask yourself what you can give up and try this simple life and watch and see how much more happy and joyful you become. OK that's all for now please share in the comments what you have learned in the last year during a pandemic???



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