06 Apr


I have been doing a lot of mindset work with my  personal business coach and mentor. Something I already knew she reminds me of daily “our thoughts create our feelings which create our actions.” I realized that this mirrors my fitness and weight loss journey too. I started my fitness journey at 215 pounds 7 kids later. I tried so many diets and I “failed” at them all and then reward myself with junk. 


  • "I’ll never be able to actually change.”

  • “I don’t have what it takes.”

  • “I guess I am destined to be overweight for the rest of my life.”

  • “It’s too hard.”

  • “I have too far to go.”

  • "I have 7 kids it's expected of me."

  • "I don't know where to start."

None of these were positive thoughts and it was too overwhelming and stressful. I doubted myself that I could actually be successful. Every time that I fell off I was simply proving myself right, I could not be successful at losing weight. 


I changed my thought on 16 YEARS ago after the birth of my 7th baby. Rather than thinking I had to far too go and I would never be able to change. I changed my thought to be: 

“I am not going to quit this time.”

 That thought made me feel empowered, in control, optimistic. I had the feelings and thoughts of when it gets hard, I am not going to quit. When I said the words:

 “I refuse to quit this time.”

…it felt really good. When I felt good, I was then able to take positive actions. Figuring out how to overcome my excuses, showing up for myself even when it was hard, working through my struggles . It is easy to search for a quick fix when maybe it’s not a quick fix we need, we need to fix what’s inside of us first. Weight loss is not a secret, it’s science. It’s just having the right mindset. But is your mindset serving you? I know mindset work is not the  most favorite thing for a lot of people , however it’s a game changer. Here is what you need to know:

  • You can do a lot of things but you aren’t going to find success until your mindset matches your actions. 

  • Your mindset is going to lead those actions.

  • You cannot create a positive result from a negative place.

  • We can only give to others what we have if were empty and coming from a negative mindset it's what were giving back out to others.

Maybe as you read this you are in a place of negative talk and need that boost that mindset change and your ready to do what it takes to get there .


I share this because I started this business to help even just ONE person have a breakthrough moment. My Virtual Bootcamps walk you through commitment mindset, nutrition coaching, at-home workouts and support from myself and my team along the way. If I can help change even ONE person’s life, it is all worth it!

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Blessings, Cindy 

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