27 Jun

Have you ever been in a state of deep fear, pain or worry and  you  just thought you can't go on and a well meaning friend tries to slap a biblical affirmation for you to read over and over again  and memorize only for you to feel even worse than before?? 

Listen my dear friend's,  though you mean well and though your speaking truth over another this can actually do MORE HARM then good. When we simply offer up an affirmation a verse to someone that is struggling with real fear, hurt, pain or worry without getting to the root of where that unbelief is coming from we are causing that friend more pain than good more harm instead of REAL HEALING. 

Yes God instructs us to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and to meditate on what is good but if we have never been shown what is good in these particular areas that scripture alone is NOT enough and left to our own devices our brains will automatically go to the worst outcome known to man even though the scripture is right before us.  

YOU SEE We must teach one another how to hold every thought captive and how to sit in the peace of God because sometimes for the one drowning in the hurt, pain and worry these verses seem so far out of reach and to go in blindly trusting in a God we can't see is super hard and often seems impossible to us in the moment. 

When we start throwing scripture verses to another to meditate on without helping them first get to the deep rooted cause of the pain, fear, hurt and worry and disbelief we are actually not helping at all. It's like this picture a friend drowning in the ocean  and you look over and say," If only you had taken better swim lessons, oh well just remember friend God says; " All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose." you got this and then go back to sun bathing have we helped? NO their more than likely still going to DROWN !! We didn't offer a life line or a hand we didn't even get the life- guard. 

Sometimes we all just need the wisdom of another who can show us the way to teach us how to honestly faithfully walk in God's truths so the next time we are feeling like were drowning cause friends there will be a next time and a next time but then each time we can get back to shore on our own faster and faster and then apply the truth of the scripture to our lives. 

Our brains need to be given a different way to think then the way it's been told every time before so it can eventually start believing God has our best interest at heart and ALL things really do work for our good. 

Our brains need evidence that it is possible to trust God fully and with every part of our life and slapping a verse here and there is not what our brain needs we have to teach it the right belief system so we can truthfully hold every thought captive continually.  And sometimes that means for someone else to help walk us through these areas of hurt, worry, fear and unbelief, We also need to run to Him over and over and that's ok we need to be reminded by God that we can lay these things down and pick up His peace in every area of our lives but friends it is more than a verse here and there first we MUST GET TO THE CORE OF THOSE BELIEFS and sometimes that means diving in the ocean after them. 

Let's be better at really HELPING one another beyond giving a scripture verse and being on our way but to actually sitting with those hurting and helping walk them through so they can hold every thought captive and have the peace that surpasses ALL understanding. 

Until Next Time,

Blessings ,

Cindy Bolt 

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